Reblog from a fellow SC law blogger

Here’s an interesting and informative post about the law of evidence in South Carolina from Clay Olson’s blog.

South Carolina Construction Defect Law by Clay Olson

With all the hype surrounding the Crossman decisions, it can be easy to miss other important opinions published by the courts in South Carolina. Recently, the South Carolina Court of Appeals upheld a punitive damage award challenged on the basis that evidence of similar defects at other projects developed, constructed, and sold by defendant Heritage Communities were similar to the construction defects alleged before the circuit court. “Based on the foregoing, the construction defects at the other HCI developments were substantially similar to those experienced by Magnolia North. Further, the evidence is admissible to prove many of the elements required for a punitive damages award. See Mitchell v. Fortis Ins. Co., 385 S.C. 570, 584-89, 686 S.E.2d 176, 183-86 (2009) (listing guideposts to consider in conducting a review of a punitive damages award)[7]; Gamble v. Stevenson, 305 S.C. 104, 111-12, 406 S.E.2d 350, 354 (1991) (listing factors to consider in…

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